Hotels & the hospitality industry

  1. The hotels and hospitality industry seeks development, in order to meet the demand for higher quality services as made by increasing amounts of worldwide tourists as well as business people coming to explore countries and their assets. The following program is designed to meet the urgent need of a modern, up-to-date, state of the art, customer service operational model at the hotels and hospitality industry.
  2. The DH&A way to achieve those desired goals is made by training managers and staff in the fields of quality customer service in accordance with the standards common in modern international hotel chains and tourist services.
  3. DH&A suggests a combined comprehensive course designated to the three echelons of the services: management, employees, and professionals. These will be trained, on the job, including specific units like: F&B, reception, events, marketing & sales etc.
  4. We at DH&A are equipped to provide our partners at the hotels and hospitality industry with the fullest professional support through our international senior consultants in those fields. 
  5. Our training combines practical and informative aspects, enabling to gain actual experience in the subjects elaborated. The trainings are tailored to answer the needs of managements and staff. They are cross-departmental and emphasize the major issue of quality service. 

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