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CPEP – Computerized Pilots’ Evaluation Process

  1. DH&A, with its co-partner Psipass, have developed CPEP – a state of the art, web based, computerized testing system, that will enable evaluating pilots in a short, practical, relatively low priced, easy to manage and independent manner.
  2. The CPEP suggested is the ability to evaluate, by computerized assessment, a person to suit, hold or maintain a pilot’s position in relation to the position’s preliminary designed characteristics.
  3. The CPEP is using a state of the art and most advanced computerized diagnostic tool, allowing to understand the complexity of the assessed person’s personality structure and pointing out the most crucial and relevant components to his position as a pilot.

Further information: DH&A – CPEP psychological evaluation of pilots


Pilots’ preliminary evaluation by using designated assessment centers

  1. The Assessment Center is a significant method within modern organizations aimed to assess, select and match candidates to managerial, supervisory, operational, technical or any other senior positions.
  2. Assessment centers should become a major tool in the preliminary evaluation of pilots during their training or within their candidacy period to become pilots.
  3. The most common definition of an Assessment Center is “A variety of evaluation techniques designed to allow candidates to demonstrate, under standardized conditions, the skills and the capabilities, whether mental, behavioral or technical which are most essential for success in a given position”.
  4. The assessment center is constructed in a way that can reflect the core competences and characteristics desired by the organization. As such, it should provide the possibility to observe and assess every participant in relation to those characteristics and competences.

Further information: DH&A – Pilots’ preliminary evaluation by using assessment centers

C.R.M. – Crew resource management

  1. In a rapidly changing world with more carriers, more airplanes, more passengers and a growing variety of threats, the safety of flights might be compromised.
  2. DH&A’s job is to assist carriers to minimize threats by better managing their crews’ resources.
  3. CRM is: The defined set of human skills and capabilities, of a selected crew, needed to ensure a safe and an efficient flight.
  4. CRM is: Human skills needed to increase safety, ensure efficient conduct and minimize risks.

Further information: DH&A – CRM – Crew Resourch Management