Introducing DH&A and its portfolio of services

designated for governments and public entities



We all live in a dynamic, constantly changing world that redefines daily the rules of the game. The governmental and political arena is complicated and more competitive than ever. Governments rise and fall. A well-constructed government cannot ensure success. The competences elected and public officials must gain in order to lead countries changes rapidly and might be even contradicting. Skills and processes that proved successful in the near past are no longer an assurance to success today. The inherent tense between yesterday, today and tomorrow is embedded in all layers of organizational conduct and future is challenging than ever.


What is DH&A:

“DH&A – Dr. Hamovitz & associates” is a forum for top consultants, university professors, executive directors, economists, psychologists and trainers cooperating under a framework that uses the powers of its associates in becoming market leaders in the field of international management consultancy in a variety of issues and organizations.


Why DH&A:

  1. Top international team of experts.
  2. Vast experience in leading deep and complicated processes.
  3. State of the art global services and products.
  4. The ability to provide professional solutions to global organizations that are geographically spread


General services

Consulting & structuring

Service Content
Reconstruction Reconstructing whole governmental ministries and entities, or part of them.
A roadmap to success Screening and analyzing governmental projects and drawing a roadmap to their success.
Crisis management Turnaround management, changing the course of things.
Change management Imbedding the constant learning organization culture to create change.
Think – Tank Innovative, out-of-the-box parallel ideas to challenge current strategy in all levels and issues.
Personal consulting Consulting individually elected and public officials.
Boarding Strategic teamwork – building a teamed cabinet.


T.E.A. – Testing, Evaluating, Assessing

Service Content
Gate keeping Individual assessment of executives and senior professionals.
Profiling Drawing the full extent profile of a person of interest.
3600PDP 3600 evaluation of public officials and executives.
Assessment centers Group assessment for talent pools and talents’ selection.


Training & development

Service Content
Management & leadership Master classes and seminars focusing on leadership.
Special tailored training packages Serving specific needs of governments and their entities.
The MODEM Master class on managerial decision making for senior decision makers.


Special tailored projects

People / citizens

Service Content
Employability Reducing unemployment, poverty and violence within general and special populations.
Reducing illiteracy Reducing illiteracy rate to allow enhanced employment.
Government citizens treaty Assembling a treaty to regulate the relations between the government and its citizens based on the good will of both parts to cooperate for the greater good of the country and its citizens.


Civil service

Service Content
Education center Establishing a professional education center for civil servants.
Cumulative knowledge Establishing governmental and local centers for cumulative designated knowledge.
Code of ethics Assembling an inner code of ethics for governmental entities to regulate the interaction of public officials between themselves and them toward the public.


Education system

Service Content
Reforming education A process designed to dramatically improve quality of education from kindergartens, through schools and till universities, as a whole or in sections.
Education technology Technologies to cope with urbanization and schools that are left without enough pupils and stuff.
Gifted Bringing forward the special education needed for gifted pupils to become leaders and influencers.


Armed forces & intelligence agencies

Service Content
Cyber excellence A national program to certify operatives in the various cyber professions.
Computerizes assessment The ability to mass assess army and police officer, agents and seniors.
Reforming army units Reorganizing and training of armed forces and special units.
Reforming police units Reorganizing and training of polices forces and special units.
Collection of unauthorized weapons Ensuring public safety.


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