Cyber Excellence – A national program to certify operatives in the various cyber professions:

Countries as well as other entities tend to establish a cyber center aimed to constantly and continuously protect their valuable assets. Those centers employ experts from the five professions the cyber world that are occupied in identifying the threats whether it is a virus or a malware and developing the means of protection. The number of threats raises daily and the attackers might be other countries, terrorist organizations and criminal organization or even bored computer freaks that seek the new challenge. Sovereign entities like governments are also occupied, beside the defensive cyber, with developing offensive cyber abilities.

The “Cyber excellence” program is organized and facilitated by DH&A and conducted by its certified contractors. The program aims to certify experts in one or more of the five cyber expertise and create the human infrastructure to the effective operation of a local cyber institute/center.


DH&A’s Program for establishing a professional education center for civil servants:

  1. DH&A assists governments and local authorities to establish education centers that construct, promote and execute professional programs targeting the needs of civil servants.
  2. The scope of these educational programs range from managerial issues to specific professional ones and aims to maintain a high level of expertise of the civil servants and improved services to the public.
  3. Those centers become a source of knowledge and consultation for public entities and a solution for their current needs.


DH&A’s Program for establishing a center for accumulative knowledge:

  1. Knowledge and information are crucial components in taking decisions regarding a vast range of issues. The correlation between having accurate, well analyzed knowledge and improved decisions is very high.
  2. DH&A assists governments and local authorities to establish their own knowledge center, aimed to provide up-to-date knowledge to public officials in an attempt to improve decision taking processes.
  3. Methods and techniques like polling, info analysis, quantitative & qualitative research are well implemented in the center’s daily routine.