Dr. Hamovitz is a world expert in the field of decision making processes and crisis management. Dr. Hamovitz is a well known executive, consultant, scholar and lecturer. Among his clients are governments and governmental bodies, commercial and industrial organizations, banks etcetera. He was formerly a CEO, Vice President and Senior Executive in world leading consulting firms and professor of management at Haifa University. Dr. Hamovitz holds a Ph.D. in organizational  behavior.


  • Dr. Thomas Klemenschits
  • Senior associate – Austria & Germany

Dr. Klemenschits is an experienced management consultant in the telecommunication business. Holding both executive and senior project management positions in several CEE countries, he developed strong skills in intercultural work and international coordination. In the past four years Dr. Klemenschits has been working for his own company, supporting the industry with strategy and concept development. He is offering assessments and audits of technology processes and organizations as well as support in transformation projects and interim management.


  • Prof. Vlado Dimovski
  • Senior associate – Slovenia & Region

Prof. Dimovski is a full professor of management and organizational theory at the Management and Organization department, at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Economics in Slovenia. His academic research interests cover modern management theory, organizational learning, learning organization, competitiveness, strategizing information technology, non-profit management, corporate strategy, investment policy and labor markets. He has been advising companies, international institutions, and governments on the issues of strategic issues, the labor market, and EU-related projects. Since 1995 hehas been the State Secretary for Industry in the Government of Slovenia, the president of the Centre for International Competitiveness of Slovenia and the Minister of Labor, Family and Social Affairs.


  • Dr. Carmen-Aida Hutu
  • Senior associate – Romania & Moldova

Dr. Carmen-Aida Hutu is a tenured university professor of Corporate Culture and Leadership/Technology Transfer, Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management and Research Methods in Organizational Studies at the Department of Engineering and Management, “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi, Romania. For over fifteen years Dr. Hutu has also contributed as an Organization Development professional (Loyola University Chicago, Fulbright Grant), consultant, trainer and coach for more than 50 Romanian and international organizations and has worked as an expert in over 70 research, institution building, education, consulting and training projects and grants, among which over 33 international and 21 EU funded.


  • Mr. Rafael Marko Chicheck
  • Senior associate – Bulgaria & Balkans

Mr. Chichek is one of the top clinical and organizational psychologists in Bulgaria and the region as well as a successful businessman and director in the retail business. Mr. Chichek combines his own experience in the entrepreneurial field with his competence in assessment, organizational development and leadership consultancy in order to excel his customers to develop winning teams, strong leadership and personal competitiveness. His interest in the subconscience life of groups and organizations allowed him to participate in a number of Lester conferences and working in teams on organizational projects including organizational and leadership development. Mr. Chichek holds an M.A. degree in Clinical psychology from Sofia University and studies at the Institute for personal and socio-ecology.


  • Dr. Stanimira Taneva
  • Senior associate – U.K.

Dr. Taneva is a Research Fellow at the Institute of Work Psychology, Management School, at the University of Sheffield. In 2013 she has been awarded a Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship . Dr. Taneva is an organizational and developmental psychologist by background and her experience is a combination between academia and practice. During her career, Stanimira has taught, researched, managemed and employed expert functions. Her professional interests include career development (with a focus on middle and late career management); individual, team and organizational development; ageing workforce; societal integration of marginal groups of people; psychometrics; personality assessment (development, adaptation and standardization of assessment instruments), research and training impact evaluation, e-learning.


  • Mr. Arie Syvan
  • Senior associate – Spain & Latin America

Mr. Syvan is an experienced director and consultant in designing, setting up and managing successful employability programs both in Europe, Latin-America and the Middle East. Mr. Syvan developed and operated special vocational and employability skills centers, developing them into MSP (Managed-Services-Provider) and RPO (Recruitment-process outsourcing). Since 2010 Mr. Syvan is a consultant at programs which help people prosper through employability. He was involved with employability program operators in New-York, UK and Europe, specializing in W2W (Welfare to Work). He is involved in proposals in Eastern Europe and Latin America as well as designing and introducing employment programs for immigrants, minorities and people with disabilities. Mr. Syvan is also a member of the employment research committee at the Taub Center for Social Studies.


  • Mrs. Shelly Silverstein
  • Senior associate – Israel & Middle East

Mrs. Silverstein is one of the leading Human Resource management experts in Israel, now consulting several cutting edge technology high-tech companies. In 2008 Mrs. Silverstein joined Better Place Israel (Shai Agassi’s electric vehicle company) as its Human Resources director, a position she held for four years. Mrs. Silverstein established her own consulting HR management firm specializing in developing and engaging human resource strategies, creating and evaluating policies and advising to companies,  personnel and top management. Mrs. Silverstein served as an HR manager for two startup companies. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Behavioral Sciences, and a Master’s Degree in Social Psychology.