Introduction & Vision


We all live in a dynamic, constantly changing world that redefines daily the rules of the game. The business arena is complicated and more competitive than ever. Organizations rise and fall. An excellent product cannot ensure success. The competences managers have to gain in order to lead organizations changes rapidly and might be even contradicting.

Skills and processes that proved successful in the near past are no longer an assurance to success today. The inherent tense between yesterday, today and tomorrow is embedded in all layers of organizational conduct and future is challenging than ever.


DH&A was founded in 2013 by Dr. Hamovitz. Dr. Hamovitz assembled an elite professional forum that unites international top experts and opinion leaders in management, psychology, economics and HR, which allows bringing forward their expertise as consultants and mentors to top managements and executives.

DH&A’s team brings a variety of business skills, experience and knowledge backed by practices implemented internationally.

DH&A’s Vision:

  1. DH&A – “Dr. Hamovitz & associates” is a forum assembled from top consultants, university professors, executive directors, economists, psychologists and trainers, cooperating under a framework that uses the powers of its associates in order to become market leaders in the field of international management consultancy for organizations whether governmental, public, NGOs and privately owned.
  2. DH&A strives to bring its accumulated knowledge, vast experience, state of the art tools and solutions and mainly its top selected team to perform and deliver the best results to its partners, friends and clients.
  3. DH&A stands on three main pillars: professionalism, excellence and high ethics.

Why DH&A:

  1. Top international team of experts.
  2. Vast experience in consulting, executive management and leading complicated processes.
  3. State of the art global services and products.
  4. The ability to provide professional solutions to global organizations that are geographically spread out.

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