The DH&A employability program aims to assist governments, local authorities and social agencies in providing models for reducing unemployment within special populations utilizing DH&A’s successful experience.


DH&A program motto:

People strive for a meaningful role within society and they are willing to utilize their skills, capabilities and qualities to realize their potential and be a productive member of society.


Program values:

  1. Anyone can do something.
  2. Most people truly want to work.
  3. Participants have to take personal responsibility for themselves and for their family’s wellbeing.
  4. Welfare payments (in places where this method is used) are temporary. In order to get it the participants have to “work” to find a job for themselves.


Program basic assumptions:

  1. Unemployment is an epidemic that contaminates its surrounding and pervades for generations.
  2. As an epidemic it is the local authority’s duty to immunize and rehabilitate the affected population.
  3. With an investment of 1 million US$ per year it is possible to exclude up to 850 families out of the poverty cycle by conducting a successful unemployment program rather than paying welfare payments to 200 families.