Executives’ assessment

Profiling: A Human focused risk management

  1. Profiling is the art of gathering and the analysis of relevant information regarding a specific person that would allow prediction as for this person’s intentions and behavior in given situations.
  2. The information is gathered using methods of data mining made from open and authorized sources. The analysis is made using state of the art methods and techniques developed. The process is legally assured.
  3. Profiling is available and legally used with the awareness of the specific person or without it. Naturally, different people call for different methods of data mining and data analysis.

Full program: DH&A – Profiling

Gate keeping Individual executives’ assessments

  1. The evaluation and assessment of senior managers and professionals is a major necessity for organizations seeking supreme performance. Having a decision making support tool, in use by the management, to navigate decisions regarding senior managers and professionals is essential to cast a successful leading team.
  2. The T.E.A. process is the ability to test and evaluate a person to suit a specific senior position by its preliminary designed characteristics.
  3. The T.E.A. process is executed by using state of the art and the most advanced diagnostic tools, allowing examining whether the subject’s capabilities and personal traits match the organization’s desired core competences, understanding their future potential and drawing a potential career path.

Full program: DH&A – Have TEA with us – executives’ assessment

Assessment centers

  1. The Assessment Center is a significant method, within modern organizations, aimed to assess, select and match candidates to managerial, supervisory, technical or sales positions.
  2. Assessment centers are widely used to select junior managers, demonstrating high performance, to join “talent pool” programs.
  3. The most common definition of an assessment center is “A variety of evaluative techniques designed to allow candidates to demonstrate, under standardized conditions, the skills and the capabilities, whether mental, behavioral or technical which are most essential for success in a given position”.
  4. The assessment center is constructed in a way that can reflect the core competences and characteristics desired by the organization. As such, it should provide the possibility to observe and assess every participant in relation to those characteristics and competences.

Full program: DH&A – Assessment centers

3600PDP (Personal Development Program)

  1. Assembling a personal development program (PDP) for senior managers based on the results of a preliminary 3600 evaluation process made around them.
  2. The process is a full range evaluation of a subject’s performance on various behavioral, mental and managerial issues done by frontal interviewing of superiors, peers and direct reports related to the subject, while comparing it to the subject’s evaluation of himself and coming to profound diagnostic results.

Full program: DH&A – 360PDP