People’s development

  1. DH&A offers focused seminars, workshops and trainings aimed and tailored to the needs of managers and organizations in subjects concerning management skills and leadership.
  2. DH&As mentors, trainers and coaches bring with them their accumulated up-to-date knowledge, thorough professional experience, state of the art tools and models and mainly their approachable personalities and their readiness to listen and assist rather than dictate.
  3. DH&A puts the manager and his needs at the center of interest, striving to bring solutions that would fit the needs of every participant.
  4. The main language of training is English. We think that English is a vital managerial skill. Some of our trainings can be delivered in other languages like German, Russian, Bulgarian, Romanian etc.
  5. DH&A offers specially tailored training packages to meet the requirements of organizations.
  6. DH&A can be of assistance in organizing the academic part of conferences and events.

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