Investors’ corner

DH&A’s start-ups


DH&A’s research team came with a series of start-up ideas aimed to use our accumulated knowledge, expertise and experience to initiate products that can serve our friend, colleagues and clients.


1. Profiling people by their LinkedIn page

The Idea:

The ability to determine a given person’s personality traits using his LinkedIn page without his presence in the process.


The ingenuity:

Turning information that is open to the public and given willingly into a powerful tool to be used as a decision-making support tool.


Presentation: SA-linkedin startup – 2020-21

Investment: 3 million Euros



2. Profiling users and buyers by the features of a given product

 The Idea:

A software/application that connects the features of a given tangible or intangible product to a series of psychological and sociological reported profiles of potential users or buyers of the product


The ingenuity:

The ability to quantify human behaviors in a way they can be incorporated into a developing function and be connected to other quantifiable parameters.


Presentation: SA startup – 2020-21

Investment: 2 million Euros



3. Counterterrorism through profiling

The idea:

Assemble behavioral and social profiles of terrorists and the way those profiles will be reflected in the various social networks.


The ingenuity:

Allowing social networks operators trace and track potential terrorists in their networks and take decisions regarding how to treat those appearances.


Presentation: Counterterrorism through profiling

Investment: 2 million Euro