1st HR executives’ summit for world peace – postponed due to COVID-19 pandemic







The world, as we know it, is changing rapidly. Rapid changes can become very frightening and threatening to groups, societies and regimes that globalization and change challenge or even contradict traditional and religious perceptions and values. The gap between globalization that is open, borderless and secular encounters aloofness, religious values and nationalism. The attempt to live side by side with those two sometimes contradicting approaches to life can lead to occasional and unfortunate internal and external disputes.

 We, as HR executives and senior managers, are responsible for the wellbeing of our employees. We care about their safety, hygiene, salaries, life-work balance, empowerment, motivation, career path and many more. We are also in charge of creating the secured atmosphere that would allow them to bring forward their full potential and have the freedom to invent, initiate and create. Nevertheless we cannot disconnect our organizations from its surrounding. We, as senior executives, need to contribute to the creation of the atmosphere in which our organizations can prosper in this global world. Therefore it is our duty and are obliged to make the difference, to use our power, unite with our colleagues around the world to deliver the message of peace, moderation and reconciliation. We can influence …


The idea:

HR executives and senior managers from all around the world gather together in one place to talk about our responsibility to our societies and to the world we live in. The participants will meet worldwide decision makers and draw mutual cross-boundaries plans to implement a culture of reconciliation, moderation and peace that would affect the immediate surroundings and in a planned process broaden the culture and influence others.


The location:

We decided to organize the summit in Tel Aviv. The city is the capital of freedom, ingenuity, creativity, modernization and globalization. A city in which everything is possible. Tel Aviv is situated at the middle-east, an area that in a center of a long dispute, sometimes violent and only 65km (37miles) from the holy city of Jerusalem sacred to all monotheistic religions. For many people coming to Tel Aviv is a statement, its crossing boundaries, and this is what we speak about.


The time:

The time chosen is March 17th-19th 2020. That would allow preparation and planning from all sides and participants. Call for speakers, contributors and sponsors were already issued in first circulation to more than 1000 HR executives around the world.


The skeleton program:

Tuesday, March 17th, afternoon: first acquaintance with participants, gala evening attending keynote speakers and followed by a gala dinner.

Wednesday and Thursday, March 18th-19th: Plenums, panels and working groups with experts and the participants themselves.



Summit’s Sponsorship scheme

1st world peace HR summit – sponsorship scheme